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Dirty, slimy and creepy are some of the common synonymous used for cockroaches. The primary reason for this is because cockroaches are usually found in areas where a lot of dirt accumulates. It creates a perfect ecosystem of growth for the cockroaches. The city of Attadale is also troubled with the problem of pest infestation and cockroaches happen to be one of the primary concern. These carriers of various infections tend to affect the health of people and are also a source for various diseases. Although they don’t bite or attach humans like mosquitoes, they indirectly infect the food on which they crawl, leading to disease like food pointing, dysentery etc. Thus, you need the assistance of cockroaches’ treatment Attadale services which can guarantee effective control of these pests.

There are a total of 3500 cockroach species present globally. Some of the common one found in Australia include:

  • American cockroaches – They are larger in size and black in colour
  • Oriental cockroaches – These medium sized creatures are also black in colour
  • German cockroaches- They are smaller than the American and the oriental ones and appear brownish .

Where do they usually grow?

Cockroaches are usually found in areas where there is the dark and damp atmosphere, however ignoring basic house maintenance methods can also lead to their growth. Here are some of the common places you should never miss to check if you don’t want these pests growing in your house:

  1. Below and behind the refrigerator
  2. Kitchen sink
  3. Bathroom Sink
  4. Kitchen and bathroom cupboards
  5. Kitchen countertop and areas where the spilled food is left
  6. Storage areas where old newspapers and boxes have been stocked
  7. Poorly ventilated area

Now that you know about the places to look for them, the next step is to follow the cockroach control measures. Here are few tips suggested by cockroaches control services Attadale.

Here it goes:

  1. Lay the trap- the first step is to lay the trap like gel baits. These lure the cockroaches and you can easily tarp them.
  2. Use caulk to close the gaps- small holes and gaps pave the way for the cockroaches to enter your premises.
  3. Discard the leftover food or store them – If you have an excess of food left with you, make sure either you discard them properly or store them in airtight containers. Having open food items lying in the kitchen can easily attract the cockroaches.
  4. Use covered trash cans- Make use of covered trash cans, open trash cans can be extremely dangerous, they can attract pests like flies, mosquitoes, ants, and cockroaches.Apart from that, you may also face the problem of odour.
  5. Cleaning your premises- You should always keep your house clean. Don’t forget to vacuum the areas below and behind the refrigerator, carpets, kitchen etc. Also make sure that if you pets, their utensils are cleaned regularly.

Take professional Help-

If you have been following through preventive measure and you are still facing the issue of cockroaches invading your house, you should get in touch with cockroaches pest control Attadale service providers.