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when it comes to our house, we all want to look spick and spank, a tiny amount of dust or dirt in our house tend to disturb us, has it ever bothered you what if your house gets invaded by cockroaches. Yes, these tiny creatures can create a lot of trouble than you can imagine. Although, they don’t directly infect us by biting like mosquitoes, yet they can be really troublesome if they infect your food. Many cockroaches pest Control Beckenham companies have identified cockroaches to be the root cause for various diseases the likes of which include:

Food poisoning

• Dihorrohea
• Typhoid Fever
• Cholera
• Salmonellosis
• Gastroenteritis
• Giardia
• Plague
Thus, it becomes mandatory to follow preventive measures and good home maintenance practices to keep these pests at bay. You can also follow basic cockroaches treatment methods. You cockroaches treatment Beckenham’s agencies will also suggest you the same but before that you must which are the common places where you can find cockroaches:
1. Kitchen and bathroom sink
2. Kitchen and bathroom cupboard
3. Countertop
4. Storage areas where you have stocked old newspaper and boxes
5. Holes and vents in the walls, doors, and windows.
If you have been thinking that they can only damage the food and your health, then you must also know that presence of cockroaches can result in damage to property as well. They can destroy upholstery, papers and other organic stuff like wood.
The next question that comes up is how to get rid of them, we have suggested some great ways to control cockroaches.
1. Complete cleaning and vacuuming of house and this has to be a weekly practice
2. Make sure that you regularly clean the refrigerator and areas below and behind it
3. Get rid of old boxes, cartons, old newspapers and other boxes that you have stored
4. Make sure that your house is clutter free
5. Repair all the holes in the walls, doors, and windows which can become a gateway for the entry of cockroaches
6. Make sure that you don’t leave any spilled food on the ground
7. Pet’s utensils must also be cleaned as they become a probable breeding ground for them
8. The trash cans must be emptied regularly
9. You should not have open trash cans
10. You can also make use of gel baits to lure the cockroaches and get hold of them


All these practices must be followed regularly, a slight act of carelessness may allow these creatures to multiply and become a nuisance for you. However, even after following these practices if you are not able to control them, you can definitely contact the cockroaches control services Beckenham’s professionals. These people have been trained in this domain and know how to get rid of cockroaches. You can opt for the bi-monthly or monthly plan based on the condition of pest growth in your house. But, the effort can only be fruitful if you follow the good home maintenance practices at home.