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Lest confess the fact that we don’t like cockroaches invading our house, irrespective of the fact that their number if low or high, cockroaches can pose a serious threat if they are ignored. They are a cause of various diseases and studies have shown that they can also induce an allergic response in some. Many cockroaches treatment Beechboro companies suggest that one should follow preventive measures at home to get rid of these species. When it comes to cockroaches then there are 3500 species that exist across the globe and out of them the three popular species that invade houses in Australia include :

  • German Cockroaches
  • Oriental Cockroaches
  • American Cockroaches

All these species persist in the dark and damp atmosphere; they are known to induce many foodborne diseases which can become a cause of serious illness. So, you must know what are some of the common places where they would hide. Here are some common nesting areas of cockroaches:

  1. Places where there is dark and damp atmosphere
  2. Kitchen and bathroom sink
  3. Kitchen and bathroom cupboard
  4. Old stacks of newspapers and cardboard boxes

These are some of the common areas. Other places where you can find them hiding include kitchen countertop or places where you have left the spilled food. These tend to atarct cockroaches and grow.

How to identify if your place is inhabited by the cockroaches?

Well, if you have a doubt that there are cockroaches moving around in your house and want to confirm their presence then there are various ways suggested by some of the popular cockroaches control services Beechboro agencies. Here are some of the marks that will help you know if you have cockroaches infestation in your house :

  1. Small black spots like black pepper
  2. Droppings
  3. There would be a stingy smell surrounding your house if there are many of them
  4. You can also notice smear marks. What you can do is leave some margarine on your kitchen countertop or places where you think they are hiding and in the morning you can see smear marks of margining around the place.
  5. Skin shedding, cockroaches usually shed their skin as they grow. So, if you see them lying in your house, it shows that their number is increasing and they are growing.

Conclusion – Once you have found their marks and trace their presence, it’s important to take steps that will make you control their growth. You can make use of pest repellents and also lay down gel baits to catch hold of them but, prior to this, it is important that you must  follow good house maintenance regime that will restrict the entry of these pests, what you can do is :

  1. Get rid of trash in the trash cans
  2. Make use of covered trash cans
  3. Never leave spilled food on the floor or kitchen countertop
  4. Don’t store old newspapers and cardboard boxes
  5. Clean and vacuum the house regularly

If you still face the problem in spite using these methods, it’s time to connect with cockroaches pest control Beechboro’s professionals who will help you get rid of them.