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If you too are facing cockroaches’ infestation problem in your house, you must read this. We have identified 4 variants of cockroaches that might be present in your house. These are some of the most common species as identified by cockroaches pest control Brookdale’s professional.

Let’s get started-

German Cockroaches  or they are scientifically known as Blatella germanica

  • Appearance – They are usually ½ inch long. They appear light brownish or beige in colour and also have two dark stripes on their head.
  • Harbourage– These species breed best in the houses, restaurants, warehouses, supermarkets, and food processing units.
  • Habitat – As identified by the cockroaches’ treatment Brookdale’s professionals, German cockroaches cannot survive in places where there is minimal or no human activity. Their infestations usually take place in kitchen and bathroom. They usually hide during the daytime. During the day they scurry into places where they can find food and moisture thus, wall cavities, cracks, kitchen and bathroom cupboards become their favourite nesting areas during the day.

 American cockroach or they are scientifically known as Periplaneta americana

  • Appearance: They are the largest cockroaches species and are usually 1.5 inches to 2 inches long. They are also known as a water bug. The American cockroaches are reddish brown in colour and have a yellowish band on their head.
  • Harbourage: They prefer to live in dark, warm and damp places. Their favoyite locations are basement, sewers, and subfloor. The American cockroaches, unlike German cockroaches, cannot live in cold conditions. They usually sneak into hot water pipes, boilers, fridge motors and heating appliances. They feed on a variety of plant and animal materials.
  • Rapid breeding cycle: They multiply very fast and the life of an American cockroach is expected to be 1.5 years.

Oriental cockroach or they are scientifically known as Blatta orientalis

  • Appearance: They are usually an inch long and appear blackish to brownish in colour.
  • Habitat: They usually prefer to stay in dark places like basement, cellar etc. they are also commonly found in sewer and water pipes. They love to feast on starchy foods. They also love the warm places.
  • Rapid breeding cycle: The female oriental cockroaches has a lifespan of 2 years and can deposit 18 egg sacs in her life. Each egg sac has 16 eggs.

These were the common species of cockroaches that you can find in Australia. Because of their rapid breeding cycle, they multiply fast and grow in numbers thus, posing to be a great threat to the people residing in the house.

Of the above-mentioned species, the German cockroaches are the most common ones, they can easily survive in cold conditions and any kind of food is good for their growth. Thus you must keep all the food products either sealed or packed.

Conclusion– If you are facing the pest infestation issues, then you must contact the local cockroaches pest control Brookdale’s service providers who will help you get rid of them. Apart from this, you must also follow preventive hygiene routine to ensure that you don’t face cockroaches infestations.