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Cockroaches can be extremely dangerous; they can harm your health and even make you lose money if they are left uncontrolled. It is advisable that one must follow healthy hygiene routine and practices to control the growth of cockroaches.  There are a total of 3500 species of cockroaches that exist in the world. Of these the most common one as identified by the cockroaches control services Bull Creek’s professionals is the German cockroach. Apart from this, the other species that seek harbourage in your house and commercial complexes include the American cockroach and the oriental cockroaches.

You can easily find these cockroaches in commercial complexes, food processing units, warehouses, residential apartments. To sum, places which provide an adequate environment for their growth tend to be their favourite nesting place.  As per the cockroaches’ treatment Bull Creek’s service providers, the cockroaches can cause some serious diseases. Though they don’t directly harm humans, yet they are the carrier of bacteria which can cause foodborne diseases. Some of the diseases caused by them include the following :

  • Gastroenteritis
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Typhoid fever
  • Cholera
  • Food poisoning
  • Dysentery
  • And other diseases

How to identify if the cockroaches have invaded your place?

You must look for the common signs of the presence of cockroaches. Here we have enlisted a few of them.

  • Droppings- These are usually black in colour and are as big as a black pepper. If you find them in places like the bathroom, kitchen basements etc. then you have cockroaches in your house.
  • Catch them- Laying sticky paper or gel baits is a great way to know what kind of species are invading your house. Place in areas which are expected to be their favourite spot like areas below and behind the refrigerator, sinks etc.
  • Shed skin- As cockroaches mature from nymph, they tend to shed their skin, thus, if you find their skin in your house, then it’s a sign that cockroaches are present in your house and they are growing in number.
  • Strange odour- When cockroaches grow in number then a strange smell surrounds the house.

So, if you encounter any of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms, then you definitely have cockroaches present in your house.

How to control them?

Before you take a step ahead and try different controlling measures, it’s important to know how strong the infestation is, if it is a higher level then you need professional help, however, if the infestation has just begun you can follow preventive measures and good house maintenance tips to keep these pests away.

You have plenty of options like insecticidal baits and surface sprays. You can use them in places where they are most likely to be found and use the insecticide.

There is a probability that despite using these methods, cockroaches are growing in number. Under such circumstances, you must contact cockroaches’ pest control Bull Creek’s agencies that will help get rid of cockroaches. They have chemicals which will effectively control the growing number of cockroaches in your house.