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Cockroaches Pest Control Perth

Pests infestation is a common problem faced by many people, whether it’s your house or a commercial complex, cockroaches are the pests that can be found anywhere. These tiny creatures can survive even on rancid food and a minimal supply of water and hence, pose a serious threat. Their growing number can be a sign of serious infestation and may cause many diseases. However, as per many cockroaches pest control services Bullsbrook’s providers, one can control the cockroach infestation by following preventive hygiene routine and good house maintenance tips.

Common hiding places for cockroaches

Before you step ahead and follow the preventive measure, it’s important for you to know where the cockroaches prefer to hide and what are their nesting areas. Here are some of the common places where you can search for them :

  1. Kitchen and bathroom cupboard
  2. Kitchen and bathroom sink
  3. Your pet’s reading area
  4. Kitchen countertop
  5. Sewage pipes
  6. Trash cans

The crux of the matter is that cockroaches prefer to hide in places where they find the dark and damp atmosphere and food to eat. So, next time you plan to get rid of them or you wish to assist your cockroaches treatment Bullsbrook’s pest applicator, you know where to look for them first.

As per the studies by WHO and many other pest control agencies, cockroaches usually multiply very fast and their average lifespan is about 1.5 years and hence, if you find even a few of them roaming in your house, you must take immediate actions.

Cockroaches usually do not harm humans, they carry bacteria like E.Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella which are the cause of many foodborne diseases. Hence, you must be cautious if you encounter cockroach infestation in your house.

Diseases caused by cockroaches-

As mentioned above cockroaches are the root cause of many foodborne diseases. Some of the common diseases caused by them include the following :

  1. Dysentery
  2. Cholera
  3. Gastroenteritis
  4. Food poisoning
  5. Diarrhoea
  6. Typhoid fever
  7. Poliomyelitis and many other diseases

Now that you know those cockroaches can be a serious threat to humans and hence, there is a need to control them. There are various ways you can use to control them.

Methods to control cockroaches:

  • Surface sprays- These are the best for controlling cockroach infection. You can easily find them in your nearby stores. You can also make use of gel baits. Although the surface sprays are effective but steadily gel baits have started gaining popularity. You can just add few drops and it will work wonders.
  • Cleaning- Regular cleaning and vacuuming is yet another way to get rid of cockroaches. While cleaning makes sure that you don’t forget to vacuum areas below the refrigerator, cooking stove, oven and other appliances. These are the places where the cockroaches easily find shelter.
  • Close all the gaps- Cockroaches’ can grow to a size of 3 inches, however, German cockroaches which affect most of the household in Bullsbrook’s tend to be not more than an inch and hence, they can easily sneak through small gaps. Make sure you seal all the gaps in walls, windows and other places from where they can invade.

Despite using all these methods if you are not able to control their growth, you can anytime contact cockroaches control services Bullsbrook’s professionals.