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Nobody likes to have pests roaming their house. Cockroaches being the most common pests pose a serious threat to the health and hygiene. They are the cause of many diseases and hence their growth must be curbed immediately. Cockroaches are synonymous with dirt and diseases. Talking about the common species that invade the house, then German cockroaches are the most common one. Scientifically they are also known Blatella Germanica. Since these are the most common pest invading the houses in Butler, there has been a rise in the cockroaches treatment Butler’s companies.
Interesting facts about cockroaches-
We have collaborated some interesting facts about cockroaches, the data has been extracted with the help of cockroaches pest control Butler’s companies-
• Cockroaches carry bacteria – As per WHO, cockroaches do not bite humans like mosquitoes rather, they tend to be the carriers of various bacterias like Salmonella, Staphylococcus which are the cause of various diseases like salmonella, dysentery, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, cholera etc.
• They cam induce allergic response– tIt has been observed that cockroaches can cause allergic response. Their shed their skin and this skin can be a cause for various airborne disease and allergic response is one of them.
• They can harbour anywhere– It may be true that you are keeping your house clean but there is a great probability that cockroaches can invade your house. They survive on rotten food and can hide even in the smallest of gaps. Thus, even if you are keeping your house clean, and avoiding taking care of basic hygiene, there is a great chance that cockroaches can come and hide.
• They are omnivorous – As mentioned above, cockroaches don’t need much food to survive, even the garbage in the trash can, rancid meat, food left or even pet’s food can serve their purpose. They can feed on any organic stuff and survive.
• They feed in the night – Well, if you are not able to spot cockroaches duing the daytime, this doesn’t mean that they are not present. There is a great chance that theun are hiding in the day time and coming out in the night;
• Fast breeding- The bad news for you is that cockroaches multiply very fast, each sac of cockroach egg can give birth to 16-18 cockroaches, so even if you have a few of them in-house, you might soon encounter many others.


You now know about cockroaches and thus, you must make sure that you always take necessary action to control them. Right from surface sprays to gel baits, cleaning of the house are some methods that you should make a regular practice. Make sure that the trash cans are emptied regularly and you don’t have any food left spilled in your house. Even the smallest quality of food is sufficient to lure cockroaches. If you see there number growing and even after following preventive measure you are not able to control their growth, you should immediately contact the cockroaches control services Butler’s professionals.