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Did you know that there are 3500 species of cockroaches present around the globe? Of there, three most common species that cause the problem of pest infestation include :

  • German Cockroaches
  • Oriental Cockroaches
  • American cockroaches

The German cockroaches are the ones which are commonly found in the households of Carlisle, as per the study of cockroaches’ pest control Carlisle’s companies. German cockroaches are just an inch long and appear brownish in color. Because of their smaller size, they can easily pass through small holes. They prefer to stay in cold and damp places and hence they can easily survive even in worse of the conditions. Rotten cabbage and meat lure them and they can easily survive eating even the rotten food.  Thus, if you have any of these conditions existing in your house, it’s time that you should start checking your place for cockroaches’ infestation.

Common nesting areas for cockroaches-

If you are looking for cockroaches, it’s important that you should first check out the places where they can easily find food and water and hence, these are some of the common places as suggested by some of the cockroaches control services Carlisle’s companies . You must search these places first:

  1. Kitchen and Bathroom cupboards– These are the places where the German cockroaches find the perfect environment for growth, from food supply to cold and dark environment, cockroaches find it all here and hence you must keep a regular check at these places.
  2. 2. Areas below and behind the refrigerator– This is a common place where these little creatures can sneak out. They find the perfect dark environment and also food for their survival. Make sure that you regularly vacuum these areas to avoid the growth of the cockroaches.
  3. Trash cans- Most of the time we tend to ignore this, but trash cans can not only lure cockroaches but also other pests like flies and mosquitoes. Thus, you must regularly get rid of trash cans and also keep it covered to avoid any kind of pest infestation.
  4. 4. Sinks– these are also a common hiding and growing place for German cockroaches. Sink often has some leftover food and also the adequate amount of water which amalgamates together to create a perfect growing ground for the cockroaches. Make sure that you regularly clean the sink and leave no food particles in it as it can harbor many pests.
  5. Kitchen appliances– This is yet another favorite spot for cockroaches, they can hide here and also get food supply. Make sure you love under the oven, in the appliances and areas near it where the cockroaches can seek shelter.
  6. Sewage pipes– These are the favorite harbourage for cockroaches. They find perfect growing environment here. Crawling the sewage areas, cockroaches can easily find a place in your house if there are any leaking pipes or holes or gaps. Make sure that you repair all the gaps and seal the holes so that you don’t have any further pest infestation.

Even after following all these measures, if you are not able to get hold of them, it’s time to speak a professional cockroaches’ treatment Carlisle’s technicians.