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Did you know that there are around 3500 species of cockroaches present around the globe but the ones that you can find in your house include, American, Oriental, and German cockroaches? As per the study of most of the cockroaches pest control Doubleview’s professionals, they have majorly encountered the German species in the households. These are small, about an inch long and can easily pass through small gaps. Because of their smaller size, they easily escape from eyes and are difficult to catch hold of them. It has been found that German cockroaches are usually found in the place where there is an adequate supply of food and hence kitchen becomes their common breeding ground.

The cockroaches control services Doubleview’s professionals feel that following preventive measures like surface sprays, gel baits, god house maintenance practices are the best way to get rid of them. But, in order to catch these pests, it’s important that you must know what are the different ways you can use to catch these cockroaches. Here are some of the common tips to get rid of cockroaches :

  • Surface sprays and gel baits – Well, these are the most popular ways to get rid of cockroaches and control their entry in your house. Both these repellents are rich in insecticide and can easily help you control the growth of cockroaches. However, the surface sprays are not very popular as their fumes get dissolve in the air which is not a very fragrant one. Moreover, people suffering from asthma or women who are pregnant might have the problem because of the sprays and hence, gel bait becomes a good replacement.
  • Boric acid- If you want to do the DIY then you can use boric acid powder . This powder restricts the growth of cockroaches in the house and is easily available in the market. You can sprinkle some amount in areas like sinks, kitchen countertop, bathroom, sewage pipes etc. however, make sure that children must be kept away from this powder and you also cover the food while you sprinkle boric acid.
  • Keep food sealed- It’s important that you must keep all the food sealed and packed and there should be no leftover food outside. This invites cockroach and let them grow in number. Make sure that all the food packets are closed and sealed.
  • Vacuuming- This is a very important step of pest control. Cockroaches usually hide in areas where they find the dark atmosphere and a bit of dampness and hence areas under the refrigerator, sinks, and cupboards become their harbourage. If you wish to get rid of them, it’s important that you should regularly vacuum these places and at the same time, you should also clean all the cooking appliance like the oven where they can find food and grow in number.

Conclusion- The crux of the matter is that you should not ignore basic cleaning method and house maintenance. However, even after following the above-mentioned steps you are not able to control the growth of cockroaches, you must immediately contact the professional cockroaches treatment Doubleview’s services.