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If you are facing the problem of cockroaches infestation then you are not the only ones, there are many other households which suffer from a similar problem. There are various species of cockroaches which invade the house here in Ellenbrook. There are a total of 3500 species of cockroaches globally but the ones that can be found in the houses of Ellenbrook includes the following:

  1. American cockroaches
  2. Australian cockroaches
  3. German cockroaches
  4. Oriental cockroaches

In this article, we will be focusing on Australian cockroaches who are commonly found in the houses of Ellenbrook. Many cockroaches control services Ellenbrook’s companies suggest following preventive measures to get rid of them, but before you go ahead, you must know more about Australian cockroaches.

Australian cockroaches overview-

These are one of the most commonly found species in the Australian household. As per cockroaches pest control Ellenbrook’s companies, Australian cockroaches look similar to American cockroaches but they are a bit smaller in size. They are reddish-brown in colour and have yellow streak present on their thorax. Because of their smaller size, they can easily escape through small holes and vents and controlling them may require a tremendous amount of patience. You might also need to use both chemical and non-chemical ways of pest control.

Let’s understand what are the different types of cockroaches killers available in the market –

There are three major types of cockroaches control available:

  1. Surface sprays
  2. Gel Baits
  3. Knockdown sprays

Surface sprays –

These are most common ones and also considered to be very effective. They are often used for long-term control of cockroaches. They have synthetic pyrethroids, this chemical interferes with the nerve function of cockroaches which ultimately leads to their death. Some surface sprays may have the growth regulator which inhibits the lifecycle of the cockroaches and thus, control their growth.

You can use them in places like cracks, gaps, holes, trash cans, cupboards, shelves and kitchen drawers.

Make sure that you keep all the food products away while you apply surface sprays.

If you are using the surface sprays in the kitchen make sure that you seal all the food or store them in the refrigerator.

Always wash your hands after using surface sprays.

Gel baits and traps

These are also great alternatives to the surface sprays. The best part about these is that they can don’t dissolve in the air.  They usually have Indoxacarb, this blocks sodium channels in an insect’s nervous system, which causes dehydration and finally the death of the cockroaches.

You just need a few drop of gel baits and the work will be done. Place them near sinks, trash cans, and corners where the cockroaches usually travel.

The best part about gel baits is that they don’t dissolve in the air and thus are safer than surface sprays.

Knockdown sprays

They also have pyrethroids similar to surface sprays and are very effective in getting rid of individual cockroaches.

You can always get these cockroaches killers in the market,  despite using all these if you are not able to get rid of them, you can anytime contact cockroaches treatment Ellenbrook companies.