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Well, cockroaches are the most common pest that can be easily found in the households of Embleton, Australia. Although there are many other pests cockroaches tend to multiply very fast and they can easily survive only on water and hence, the presence of single cockroach can be a matter of concern for all. Thus, the cockroaches control services Embleton always suggest using preventive measures to get rid of them

Common species of cockroaches that are found in the house

Among the 3500 species of cockroaches, the ones that are most commonly found in the Australian household include:

  • American
  • Oriental
  • German
  • Australian

Of these, the Australian cockroaches are the ones which are very tough to fight, as per the cockroaches pest control Embleton’s companies, the Australian cockroaches being smaller in size can easily escape through small holes and vents and can multiply very fast, thus, can be a serious problem if ignored.

How to identify Australian cockroaches:

If you wish to identify whether you have Australian cockroaches saving your house, you can definitely do that by noticing its features, the Australian cockroaches look similar to American cockroaches. They are reddish brown in colour. However, their size is a bit smaller than the American ones. They have yellow stripe present on the thorax, on the sides, and on their back.

How to get rid of cockroaches?

There are various ways that you can employ to get rid of these invaders, here I will be highlighting both chemical and non-chemical methods of pest control. Let’s cover them up:

Non-chemical method of pest control-

  • Sanitation – the best way to get rid of cockroaches is to follow proper sanitation. Having a clean house keeps away all the pests. Moreover, cockroaches love to live in the dark and dirt, so a clean house automatically excludes them from your house.
  • Never leave food in the open – Just like humans, cockroaches also need food and water to survive, having open food in the kitchen or in the dining area may invite these pests and also help them multiply. If you don’t want them staying in your house, never leave food open.
  • Empty the trash cans- The first that you must always look for is a closed trash can. Open trash cans can invite cockroaches along with other pests.

Chemical method of pest control

Another way to get rid of these rigid creatures is using the chemical methods, however, it’s only advisable to move to this method when the nation-chemical ways fail. You can choose from any of the following options:

  • Surface sprays – these are rich in pyrethroids which interfere with the nervous system of the cockroaches which eventually paralyze them leading to their death.
  • Gel Baits- These are also an effective way to get rid of pests. These have synthetic Indoxacarb, this chemical blocks the sodium channel which causes dehydration and caused the death of the individuals.

You can use with of the ways to get rid of cockroaches, however, if you are still not able to get hold of them it’s always good to contact the cockroaches treatment Embleton’s services who will help you effective control their growth.