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Cockroaches are the most common pests that invade our house. There are a total of 3500 species of cockroaches existent globally, however, only a few of them tend to invade our house. Talking about the Girrawheen region of Australia, there are four kinds of species that invade the houses:

  1. German cockroaches
  2. American cockroaches
  3. Australian cockroaches
  4. Oriental cockroaches

The Australian cockroaches are very common here and are a great problem for the cockroaches control services Grrrawheen region. The worst part about these pests is that they multiply at a very fast pace and soon can outgrow creating a big problem for the residents.

Facts about Australia cockroaches:

  1. Australian cockroaches are similar to American cockroaches; however, they are smaller in size.
  2. They are reddish brown in colour
  3. They have yellow stripes on their thorax and wings
  4. Each egg sac of female Australian cockroaches can give rise to 24 nymphs
  5. They can easily survive on only water
  6. Australian cockroaches need 80-degree temperature to grow
  7. They feed on organic and starchy food and here you can find them in cupboards, kitchen, sinks, cooking appliances etc.
  8. Controlling them can be a difficult task as these are very resistance species

Ways to control Australian cockroaches:

To being with, any kind of pest control is possible with good sanitation. Here we have enlisted some of the popular ways suggested by the cockroaches pest control Girrawheen’s companies. These are the preventive measures which if practiced regularly will help in culminating the growth of cockroaches in the house.

Let’s get started-

Cleaning- this is the first step of getting rid of pests. Cockroaches usually prefer to stay in dark, damp and dirty places. Hence, cleaning the house on a regular basis will help in getting rid of these pests. Moreover by vacuuming you would be able to remove the eggs and droppings of cockroaches which are a major cause of foodborne diseases.

Covered trash cans – Trash cans are the best place for the cockroaches to breed. They can easily get food and harbourage in open trash cans and hence, most of the pest controller suggest using tightly closed trash cans or emptying the trash in a plastic bag and tightly closing them. This way you would be able to exclude the cockroaches from the food supply.

Repair all the gaps– Cockroaches are very small creatures and hence, they can easily sneak into small holes and cracks. Moreover, cockroaches lay their egg in these holes. Thus, if you notice any such gaps, you should seal them immediately.

Repair all the leaking pipes, faucets, and drainage– As mentioned above cockroaches can easily thrive only on water, thus, if you have leaking pipes and faucets in your house, you might just be creating a perfect growing space for them. Make sure that you seal all the leakages.

Taking professional help- If you are not able to get hold of cockroaches and still find them increasing, make sure that you seek professional cockroaches treatment Girrawheen’s services.