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We all love to have a neat and clean house, but, did you know, despite having a spick and spank house, you may have the problem of pest infestation. There are many reasons why you may be facing this problem of cockroaches invading your house. Many cockroach pest control Gooseberry Hill’s companies believe that by following preventive measures and house maintenance tips will help you get rid of cockroaches.

Interesting fact about cockroaches-

Before you go ahead and make an attempt to control the growth of cockroach in your house, you must know some key facts about them, this will help you know better about these pests and control them.

Cockroaches can thrive on minimal food supply – If you think that pests like cockroaches need lavish food supply to survive, then you are mistaking. cockroaches can easily survive on minimal food. A small quantity of food and water is sufficient for them to grow and multiply. Australian cockroaches can survive only on water and the even rotten food is enough for them to live and thrive upon.

COckorache multiply very fast- Another interesting fact about cockroaches is that cockroaches multiply very fast. If you have only a few of them living in your house, in some time, this number might increase. Species like German cockroaches lay an egg and each egg sac can give rise 18 nymphs, similarly, the egg sac of Australian cockroaches can give rise to 24 nymphs. Thus, you may soon be facing heavy pest infestation if their growth does not culminate.

Cockroaches move around at night- If you are trying to find out cockroach infestation, then the right time to do so, is in the night. During the night cockroaches come out and hunt for food. This is the best time to check out for their harbourage.

  1. Cockroaches are the cause various diseases and allergies- As per the studies of cockroach control services Gooseberry Hill’s professionals, cockroaches are the cause for many foodborne and airborne disease. They are the carrier for bacterias which result in diseases like gastroenteritis, Cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, stomach pain, food poisoning etc. Apart from this cockroaches also shed their skin and this can cause an allergic response in sensitive people. This may include skin rashes and asthma. Thus, it’s important to culminate their growth the moment you observe cockroaches roaming in your house.

Cockroaches are omnivorous- As mentioned above, cockroaches can thrive on any kind of food. Thus, if you have leftover food lying around your house, or you forget to clean your pet’s utensils or miss to cover the trash cans, you may soon have cockroaches moving around. They can east rotten food, rancid meat, starchy food, organic materials like paper and wood. They not only wat it but also destroy them.

It’s very important that you must follow god home maintenance practice. The reason behind this is, that a clean place is not something where cockroaches might seek harbourage. However, if you are still facing the issue, its important that you must get cockroaches treatment Gooseberry Hill’s agencies.