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Having cockroaches in the house is not a very friendly scene. But, you cannot ignore them, they might not bite you or harm you directly but the repercussion of cockroaches’ infestation is dreaded by many. When it comes to cockroaches they usually prefer to stay in dark and damp places and hence, you may often see them crawling in the night. As per the cockroaches pest control Greenwood’s professionals, cockroaches can adversely affect the health of the people. They are the cause of many diseases.

The Australian and German cockroaches are mostly found indoors and one of the most common species invading the houses. You can see them in the kitchen, bathrooms, basements etc. To sum, any place where they can find adequate food and water supply, cockroaches can grow. What is more fearsome is that cockroaches can thrive only on water as well. So, be cautious if you find these species roaming in your house.

Where do they live?

As mentioned above cockroaches prefer to stay in places where there are darkness and damp atmosphere. Apart from this, they also live in areas where they can find adequate food supply. Most of the cockroaches’ control service Greenwood’s professional’s would suggest you look for cockroaches in the following places-

  1. Kitchen and bathroom
  2. Cupboards
  3. Trash cans
  4. Storage areas
  5. Cooking appliances
  6. Areas under and behind the refrigerator, sinks etc.
  7. Mounds of newspapers and cardboard boxes
  8. Holes and cracks in the walls
  9. Leaking pipes and faucets
  10. Sewage pipes

Now that you know about the presence of cockroaches, the next step is to control their growth. There are various chemical and non-chemical ways to curb their growth. Here I will be highlighting the various chemicals which are readily available in the market and can be used to control the growth of cockroaches.

Many companies would suggest you use chemicals only when the growth of the cockroaches have increased, but using small quality of pest repellents will help you eliminate their growth and also inhibit the entry of cockroaches.

  • Surface Sprays – These are very commonly found and most widely used. They are rich in parathyroid. This chemical affects the nervous system and nerve functioning of cockroaches resulting in the death of cockroaches. The smell of the spray also inhibit the cockroaches from entering your premises.
  • Gel Baits – These are also one of the most widely used pest controllers. The gel baits, unlike the surface sprays, don’t diffuse in the air, and only a small quantity of it enough to control the growth of cockroaches. The chemical present in it inhibits sodium and thus causing dehydration which leads to the death of cockroaches.
  • Knockdown sprays- These are yet another popular cockroach control options available in the market. Similar to surface sprays, these sprays also have synthetic parathyroid which affects the nerve functioning of the cockroaches leading to the death of cockroaches.

Apart from this, you can also seek help from the cockroaches’ treatment Greenwood’s professionals to curb the cockroach infestation.