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You would defintly not want to have pest in your house, but this is a problem which cannot be cocmletly curbed, pests like cockroaches can easily survive on minimal food and water and can easily live in small spaces. Thus, having them in the house is the worst nightmare. Cockoraches can thrve only on water, so even if you have worst of living conditons for them, the cockorahces will continue to live. Hence, many cockroaches pest control Gwelup’s companies suggest culminating their growth , the moment you encounter them

There are around 3500 species of cockoraches tat exist globally, however, when it comes to those which are present in the house or invade the house, then only four of them are very prominment in Australia:

  1. American cockoraches
  2. Australian cockoraches
  3. Oriental Cocokroaches
  4. German cockoroaches

Of these, the Australian and German cocmorahces are the ones whoch have been a cocntact problem for the cockroaches control services Gwelup’s professionals.

Identifying German and Australian cockorahes-

Well, there are certain striking features that will help you know whetehr you have Australian acocokroaches or Germnan  cockroach invasion in your house.

German cockroaches – these are smaller in size and they grow up to 1 inch. German cockroaches appear to be blackish in coloiur and prefer to stay in cold temepratures. Because of their resistnace  capacity, they can easily thrive in harsh condition and multiply.

Australian Cockoraches – These are very similar to American cockroaches in appearance. They are reddish brown in colour and are identified by the presence of yellow strip on their thorax and wings. Although they look similar to American cockoraches, but their size is comapritively small.

Why cockroaches are dreaded ?

The prenece of cockroaches is usually a matter of concern, although they don’t harm us directly, however thei indirect affect is wrth worrying about. Many foodborne and a few airborne disease are associated with the presence of cockorahes.

Cockroaches are the carriers of bacterias which can cause various diseases like :

  • Salmonellosis
  • Food poisionining
  • Cholrera
  • Stomach pain
  • Dysentery
  • Campylobacteriosis
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Typhoid Fever
  • Polymelitis and many more

Apart from this, cockaockrache are also known to shed their skin as they matyre , whoch is alwo known as nymphal moult. This skin can result in unducing various allergic repsones like skin rahses and asthma. Thus, it is always advisable to control their growth .

How to culminate the growth of cockroaches?

Contrlling thr growth of cockroachs is a result of follwong preventive measures and good home mintennece practices. Here are some common steps that will help you control the growth of cockroaches in your house:

  1. Clean and vaccum your place regularly
  2. Never leave food in the open
  3. Seal all the leftover food
  4. Don’t leave open packet of food
  5. Clean your pet’s utensisls
  6. You can sprinkle boric acid powder
  7. Make use of pest repllents like surface spryas, knowckdown spryas and gel baits
  8. Use covered trash cans
  9. Close all the gaps and holes
  10. Caulk all the gaps and holes

Despite following the above mentioned method, if you are not able to control the growth of cocnlraches, ist always good to contanct the cockorahes treatment Gwelup professionals who will help you in getting rid of these pests effectively.