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Insects which are harmful to humans are called Pests. In our day to day life, pest creates many problems and interferes with our activities. They destroy our properties, agriculture crop, and other physical objects. In the worldwide there are lots of pests are present like ants, bees, mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs, cockroaches etc. cockroaches are horrible from all these, they cause many fatal diseases. They cause many allergies, infection and trigger asthma attacks.

These Pest enter into your home from loopholes to attack your food and spread harmful bacteria’s in it. Cockroaches contain 33 different kinds of harmful bacteria. Now it is necessary to control their population to live a better lifestyle. Cockroach pest control is important for health and safety. it is very difficult to self-pest control on the final stage of infestation. Cockroach control services Jandakot helps you to manage pest problem.

They have a team with proper certification of cockroach pest control Jandakot. Most of the peoples think the poison and toxins are the only way to kill such types of pests. Nowadays there are lots of pest control service providers are available. All these service providers use harmful chemicals methods, which are very harmful to our health.

This service provider uses green pest control method for cockroach treatment Jandakot. This method is harmful to animals not for humans. There is no negative side effect to the environment and help the environment from various problems like global warming etc.

The team is highly-trained with proper certification at cockroach treatment Jandakot. They will help you to find cockroach infestation and kill them with eco-friendly techniques. you can avail such service from them at very affordable prices. They provide 24 x7 services to their customer; you just have to submit your complaint to their helpline number.

Why cockroaches are bad for your Health:

  1. Food poison: cockroaches silently attack open food at night and spread harmful infection and bacteria. They lay eggs on it, which is very harmful to
  2. Cockroach bites: cockroaches are omnivorous they eat plants and other insects. But sometimes they bite human fingernails toes if your home and office are deeply infected. They can enter into your ear, nose while sleeping.
  3. Infection: cockroaches cause a lot of different kind of allergies, infections and trigger asthma attacks especially on children. Roaches spread 33 kinds of harmful bacteria.

Some facts about cockroaches:


  • Roaches can live without a food for around 3 months but without water, they can live for only 3 to 4 days.
  • Cockroaches have an ability to stop their breath for around 45 minutes.
  • Roaches are very fast; it can run 30 kilometers in an hour and spread bacteria more quickly.
  • Unlike other cockroaches, American cockroaches can live more than 2 years.
  • Cockroaches use tiny holes in their body for breathing rather than the mouth.
  • Some cockroaches mate only once and stay pregnant for life
  • In this planet, more than 4000 species of cockroaches are present.
  • Only 4 to 5 species are known as Pest.