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Cockroaches are the creepiest creatures in the world. They are the most repulsive pests even among the other species of the pests. Cockroaches are the little brown insects with six legs and two antennae on their heads. The length of each antenna is the same as their body. These creatures are very popular for scaring girls. But the fact of the matter is that every person finds them disgusting and repulsive. Put aside their appearance, their habits are what make them most dangerous to the health and well being of people. If you are also troubled by the problem of a cockroach infestation, engage the Cockroaches control Services Joondanna for removal of these insects.

These organisms are cold-blooded in nature that dwells in dirty and unhygienic locations. They thrive in warm temperatures. Cockroaches can survive on any food they get and like dark and moist places for making nests. They enter your house in search of these things. Small gaps or cracks in the walls or door are plenty enough for them to enter your house. They get an adequate supply of food in your house from leftover food on dishes, washing sink, and garbage bins. Bathroom mats and leaking pipes provide them the moisture they need and they thrive in your house.

These creatures reproduce rapidly and a newly born cockroach can become an adult in 40-45 days and ready for mating. Thus they multiply at an alarming rate. If you find a cockroach, kill it. Get the services from Cockroaches pest control Joondanna if you suspect that your house is infested by cockroaches.

Cockroaches are very filthy creatures. Their nature and habits make them responsible for spreading a number of diseases. They don’t cause any infections themselves but act as carriers for dangerous viruses and bacteria. Avail the services from Cockroaches Treatment Joondanna to protect your family from these dangerous diseases.

Some health problems caused by cockroaches-

  1. Contaminating of food – Cockroaches come from dirty places and have bacteria sticking on them. When they crawl over the leftover food at night, some bacteria and viruses stick to them and contaminate the food. If someone eats that food, they can get food poisoning.
  2. Spread of diseases – cockroaches carry disease-causing bacteria in their stomach which they inoculate in your food while eating. They also defecate on the food spreading more bacteria. Eating this food can cause diseases like typhoid, dysentery, polio, sepsis and digestion related problems.
  3. Entering body orifices – They may enter your body orifices like mouth, nose, and ears while you are sleeping and cause various health implications.
  4. Cause of allergies – Cockroach may cause allergies to people through their saliva and feces. If they secrete on your skin you may suffer from skin rashes. These can also cause reactions like sneezing and watery eyes.
  5. Respiratory problems – Inhaling cockroach allergens may cause severe respiratory diseases like asthma. The condition of an asthmatic person may worsen if they live in a cockroach infested house. Those who didn’t have asthma may develop symptoms after a time.