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Pests are those tiny creatures, which are very harmful to humans and pets. There are many types of pests are present in the globe but, cockroaches are most common among them. In the world, 4000 species of roaches are available. Only 4 to 6 species are harmful such as American cockroach, German cockroach, brown-banded cockroaches, Asian cockroaches, Smoky brown cockroaches.

All these species are very harmful to human beings and responsible for many diseases like Diarrhea, Typhoid, trigger asthma attack and much more. To live a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to handle these pest populations from the world. Pest control is a process of removing undesirable insects like a cockroach, spider, bedbugs, ants, mosquitoes etc. from your home or office. Proper pest management required to get rid of these pest infestations.

If you are suffering from cockroach problems, the best option is to hire cockroach control services kewdale. If your problem is at the initial stage, firstly try to handle it yourself with help of some home remedies.

Some helpful remedies to keep cockroaches away:

  1. mixture of sugar and Sodium bicarbonate: this is a very simple method, you just have to mix some baking soda and sugar together and make bait. Place this bait where you have seen cockroaches before. This method helps you to control their population.
  2. Boric acid: boric acid is the best killer for such pests. Sprinkle some boric acid on cracks and holes; make sure your surface is dry because this only works on the dry
  3. Soap: cockroaches use little holes on their body to breath. make a soap mixture in a bottle and directly spray it on pests. This mixture blocks little holes on the body of cockroaches.
  4. Bleach: cockroaches love warm environment to live, mix some bleach with water and pour it on sink, pipes and on your kitchen. This technique will kill hidden roaches instantly.
  5. Bay plant: these leaves are no harmful for them, it is natural cockroach repellent. Bay leaves help you to keep roaches away from your home and offices. Simply place some bay leaves on the entrance of your home, under the bag, books, and near sinks.

Today’s, there are many pest control management companies. Cockroach pest control Kewdale is best; they provide quality pest control services at very reasonable prices. Most of the people think that harmful chemicals are the only method to kill pests but, these service providers use eco-friendly chemicals to handle such pests. These green chemicals work as a killer for roaches, not for pets and humans.

They have a team with proper qualifications with many years of experience in cockroach treatment Kewdale. They use modern techniques and machinery to handle such pest problems. You can hire these pest control management to handle pest infestation. The team will properly inspect the infected area and find the reason of infestation. Such service provider available for 24 x 7 and 365 days a year, call them if you are looking for such pest control companies.