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We all have seen Roaches in our life; they carry harmful bacteria and transmit diseases to humans.  Many diseases like diarrhea, cholera, asthma, dysentery, typhoid fever and food poisoning. All these diseases are very harmful for humans. Nowadays, most of the peoples are suffer from these problems. Roaches feces contains chemicals which attract other roaches to mate, swarm and to find food.

Some harmful cockroach species:

  1. Oriental cockroaches: Such roaches love to eat any type of waste and garbage. It is very hard to get rid of these types of roach species without proper pest management. These pests are very common in the Africa. They are bigger in size and dark in color compare to the other. Oriental cockroaches want the warm and moist environment to live.
  2. German cockroach: these roaches are very common and found in all over the world.  In this Female roaches can able to produce 25 and 35 roaches, not like other species.  They love to eat sweet and floury foods as well as any kind of nonorganic like toothpaste, books, clothes etc.
  3. Brown-banded cockroach: The female roach lay their eggs under the wood or furniture like beg, table, sofa etc. they can live for more than 4 to 6 months. These roaches loves warm and dry surroundings not like other. The Female wings are shorter than male wings.
  4. American Cockroach: American roaches are very common in the America. They can live 1 to 2 years, more than other species. These species eat plants and other pest or insects. They are not harmful in initial stage but after they are very harmful. It is important to handle their growth rate at initial stage of infestation.
  5. Smoky brown cockroaches: these roaches love moisture environment. They attract to the light and enter into your home and office after seeing Smoky brown roach live in sewage, gutters, and sink.

Cockroaches mostly found in smelly corners of your home like bathroom, toilet and in kitchen corners. To rid of these problems clean your home, utensil, bathroom, toilet properly after use. In case of failure call to the professional like cockroach pest control Lathlain. The team of such service provider properly sanitizes and cleans your home and office from such pests.

You just have to call to their helpline number to get best experience of joy in your house, with clean, pest-free urban house.  The professional team of 3 members will reach you with modern technology and equipments. These members are high-qualified in cockroach treatment Lathlain and team will use best quality chemicals to handle pest infestation.

Many peoples and organization believes in harmful chemicals to kill roaches but these methods are harmful for the environment and humans. Cockroach control services Lathlain believes in green pest services, which are not harmful for nature and humans especially for young children and pets. These are best in class chemicals with no side effect to nature and prevent it from problems like global warming and greenhouse effect. Therefore such service providers are best from all of them.