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Would you beeiev the fact that there are 3500 cockorach species roaming around you and your hosue may be the harbourage for many of them. Coming to pest infestation , then cockorahc infestation is a common problem encounted by people in Guildford. Cockoraches can easily survve on limted food and water supply . Thus, if you are not cautios, there is a great probability that you may soon face the problem of cockroach infestation in your house. Cockroachs pest control Guildford’s companies usualy suggest following preventive measure and good home maintenance pratcies to culminate the growth of cockorahces.

Why you should not allow cockorachs to grow?

You must be wondering , why there is so much of hype and hoopla about cocorkahe infestation. The answer to this is simple; no one wants to get ill and if you don’t control the problem of pest infestation you might soon encounter various diseases, thus, the cockroache control services Guildford’s compnies alwas suggest immediate pest control. You can anytime contact these companies who have trained professionals and technicians who help you get rid of cockroaches . Now the point comes, why you should not allow cockorahes to stay in your house? The answer for this is pretty simple, cockoraches are the carriers of bacteria like Stephyllococcus, E.coli, Salmonella. These bacterias are asssoicated with many stomach related problems, the likes of which include:





Typhoid fever

Food poisionng

Stomach pain etc.

Apart form this, studies have shown that the presneec of cockroaches also result in allergic response. COckoraches shed their skin as they mature and this shedded skin alongwith the smell that is ofetnassociated with the prsenec of cockoraches induces allergic response like asthma and skin rashes.

Where to look for the cockroaches?

Cockroaches are tiny species who can hide even in the smallest of speace. Secondly they usually comes out in the night and hence, finding them out can be a daundting task. Howeber, keeping the following points on the radar will hel you find them, these are the common places where you can look for them:

  1. Kicthen and bathroom cupboards
  2. Kicthe and bathroom sinks
  3. Area below the sink
  4. Cokkoing appliances
  5. Storage areas
  6. Cracks and holes
  7. Leaking pipes , if any

These places have adequate ecosystem where cocoraches can grow , flourish and multiply. Morever, cockoraches love to live in the dark and damp places and thus, if you have cracks and holes in walls, doors and windows there is a chance that you might have cockoraches roaming in your house soon.

So, what should you do next ?

There are various ways of pest control that will help you get rid of them , here are a few of them:

  1. Claning the house regulay
  2. Getting rid of trash in th trash cans
  3. Vaccuming your place regularly
  4. Caulk all the holes and gaps to prevent the entry of cockorahces
  5. Use of pest repellents like surface spryas, gel baits, knowckdown sprays etc.

However, its always advisable to get professional assiatnce of cockoraches treatment Guildford , in case you are not able to control their growth.