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Pests are one those creatures that live and survive from thousands of year, they are harmful but they are quite good for the environment too such as honey bees. Most of the common pest we see in our daily life is cockroaches. This creature lives from 320 million years ago, there are 4600 species of cockroaches but only 30 species were live with human habitats. There are some common cockroaches you will find in your daily life routines are:

  1. German Cockroaches: The scientific name is Blattella Germanica, one of the smallest cockroaches in the world. The size is near about 0.5 inches long. A mixture of Black to brown in color, their favorite foods is fats and sugars. They can also survive on various household products such as newspapers, glue etc. you can found them in your bathroom, kitchen and other food storage rooms.
  2. American Cockroaches: Scientific name Periplaneta Americana the size of this cockroach is approximately one and a half inches long, reddish brown in color with wings and antennas. You can find them in the bathroom, food stores, and other warm areas.
  3. Brown Banded Cockroaches: There is no other name or scientific name of brown banded cockroaches, their size is near five inches long and a mixture of dark brown & reddish brown in color. This creature found in kitchens, washrooms and other warm & dry areas.
  4. Asian Cockroaches: There is a similarity between Asian and German cockroaches i.e. color and size, but their wings are a bit longer than German This creature can fly easily and attract towards the light. They are mainly spotted in the day and seem outdoors. They are mainly found in southern areas such as South Carolina, Texas etc.
  5. Smoky Brown Cockroaches: The size of this creature is up to 1.5 inches long, smoky brown in color with long wings than their body. They live in dry places like dry damp or pipe etc. they attracted to light and comes in the night in your house when they see light.

Cockroaches are a very harmful pest for human life, they release many diseases in your household items that you used in your daily. For cockroaches pest inspection Highgate, you may call or contact many pest control services. Such services inspect your premises or offices and inform you about where are they come from and how to eliminate them.

 The firm provides a specialist team minimum 3 members who are expert and professional in cockroach treatment Highgate. They take fully trained and certified to use modern and technical technology for pest control. They use an eco-friendly chemical that is harmful to pest not for human beings. Despite self-pest management, you can depend on the pest control management services.

For cockroaches pest control service Highgate, you can search online or take a recommendation from the neighborhood, family member or friends because there is no one that goes through from pest inspection.